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PHOTON Laboratory is a service of PHOTON Publishing GmbH, which is, among others, a prestigious magazine publisher and conference organizer with many years of experience in the field of solar power generation and renewable energies.
PHOTON Laboratory has tested solar modules and solar inverters since 2009. In the field of solar module measurement, it has carried out more than 6,000 measurements. PHOTON Laboratory is focused primarily on performing yield measurements under standard test conditions (STC), evaluating weak light behavior and determining temperature coefficients. The laboratory also has high quality equipment for taking electroluminescent and thermal images, two measurement methods that generate images for the analysis of defects found in the material and those created during manufacturing.
Currently, we are working in the Aachen laboratory to continually develop the range of module test benches and to further optimize the efficience of existing test benches through technological improvements. Thanks to sophisticated concepts, the laboratory is now able to offer its international customers tests that meet current industry standards at reasonable terms.

The activities of the laboratory comprise, in particular, the measuring of solar modules and inverters for the international solar industry. With its testing services the company specifically targets manufacturers and dealers, installers and project developers, system operators, research institutes, as well as banks and insurance companies, who benefit from the professional, quick and uncomplicated execution of measurements.
PHOTON Laboratory performs professional, long-term yield measurements of solar modules on an outdoor test field. With almost 200 different types of modules from some 100 manufacturers it is purported to be not only the largest but also the most accurate to date in carrying out published test comparisons. Furthermore, PHOTON Laboratory has established a testing procedure for PV inverters which is highly regarded throughout the industry.


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