PHOTON Databases

For 15 years, our statistics department has been continuously collecting all the data sheets about solar modules and inverters that it can get its hands on and using them to update our databases. Over the years these have grown to become the largest module and inverter databases in the world.
More than 50.000 solar modules and 7.500 solar inverters are already listed! — And this is how you can profit from our efforts:

The free online databases are currently offline due to reconfigurations of our website. Sorry, we can't tell you how long this will take. You may, however, order the full databases if you need to work with those in the next period of time, or in general in a more convenient manner.

PHOTON Datenbases are also available in neatly arranged Access files which can be obtained in form a user license for only 500 Euro per year.
The PHOTON Database user license will provide you with: 
   ➢  All data in Access files
   ➢  Updated files on a quarterly bases
   ➢  Additional data categories
The main advantage of these comprehensive files are obvious. They are especially interesting for manufacturers of simulation software and for analysts. It can also be very useful for manufacturers of solar modules or inverters alike to gain easy access to a complete overview about the competitors landscape from a statistical point of view.

Sample of PHOTON Module Database
Sample of PHOTON Inverter Database


For further information on how to obtain these database licences, please contact with the head of our statistic department:

   Ms. Beate Knoll
   Tel.  +49-30-3465546-24
   Fax  +49-30-3465546-30

...Are you honestly missing a certain module or inverter type in our databases?  
Please simply send the according datasheets by email to Ms. Knoll and we will take care of the correct entry.