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ZALF presents computer game on Agri-PV


In June, the Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) will present the interactive Agri-PV demonstrator developed in the “SynAgri-PV” project for the first time. The digital platform uses the computer game “Farming Simulator” to make research topics visible and tangible in a realistic 3D environment.
Helge Wanta, research assistant at the Chair of Technical Design at TU Dresden, has taken over the visualization in the computer game: “Using a map developed especially for the agricultural simulator and new game content, we are developing and testing various land use scenarios, taking climate change and bioeconomy into account”.

The starting point of the demonstrator is a farm integrated into the landscape. A municipality with a well-developed infrastructure serves as a hub for all utilization concepts. Hendrik Schneider, ZALF press spokesman and initiator of the “digi.farming.lab”, is satisfied with the result: “Interested parties have the opportunity to control the various types of systems themselves in the interaction area with gamepad and PC, operate machines, harvest etc. and find out about Agri-PV and the respective systems at information pavilions using virtual walk-through pavilions”.

The Agri-PV demonstrator will be on display at the following events in June:
June 22: Long Night of Science in Berlin (ZALF)
June 27: German Farmers’ Day in Cottbus (ZALF)



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