Wynnertech commissioned 114 MW of PV inverters in China

Wynnertech SL, Spanish-Chinese manufacturer of technology power electronics equipment and components for power generation and storage, has commissioned 59 PV inverters with a total of 114 MW in 5 utility scale solar projects in China: 20 MW Yicheng Solar PV Plant, Hubei province (10 units ALBA 4x); 20 MW Wanfa Solar PV Plant, Gansu province (10 units ALBA 4x); 40 MW Talesun Hunan Hanshou Solar PV Plant, Hunan province (20 units ALBA 4x); 14 MW, Feng Guyuan Solar PV Plant, Jilin province (7 units ALBA 4x); and 20 MW, Zhongzhi Qingyuan Solar PV Plant, Gansu province (12 units ZENIT 2x).
Furthermore, Wynnertech is finalizing the installation and commissioning of 8 ALBA 4x PV inverters for the 20 MW Mahan Solar PV Plant for the German EPC company Adore GmbH. Investor of this plant is the Swiss company Durion AG. According to the company, this is the biggest PV plant installed in Iran to date, and will be followed by an additional 100 MW in the coming year.

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