World Bank will support »Sindh Solar Energy Project« in Pakistan with $100 million

The World Bank and the government of Pakistan signed a $100 million financing agreement for the »Sindh Solar Energy Project«. The development objective of the Sindh Project aims to increase solar power generation and access to electricity in Sindh Province. This project has four components.
Utility-scale solar: development of a series of publicly owned solar parks, and support for the competitive selection of private sector developers through solar auction for the construction of solar power plants, and to raise private sector investments.
Distributed solar: procurement and installation of solar PV systems and associated energy management systems on rooftops and other available space on and around public sector buildings, including 20 MW of distributed solar PV around public sector buildings in Karachi, Hyderabad and other districts of Sindh Province.
Solar Home Systems: deployment of affordable residential off-grid SHS in prioritized areas with low or no access to electricity, analysis and identification of priority areas, activities to enhance consumer awareness and financial literacy, product certification and quality control, and monitoring and evaluation activities.
Capacity building and technical assistance: support of the design and implementation of the project and compliance with fiduciary, gender, monitoring and evaluation, procurement, and safeguards requirements.
The total cost of the project is $105 million. The International Development Association (IDA) will extend financing of $100 million for the project and the Government of Sindh will contribute $5 million.

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