Wood Mackenzie draws a sobering conclusion on success of Tesla Solar Roof

Market research and consulting company Wood Mackenzie has drawn a balance on the »Tesla Solar Roof«, based on its own data on the US residential PV market. According to the report »Five Years In: Tesla Solar Roof deployments miss expectations,« approximately 3,000 systems with a total capacity of 30 megawatts have been installed in the U.S. since the market launch in 2016 through the end of 2022, the vast majority of them in California. Tesla itself has called these numbers »incorrect by a large margin« in a Twitter message.
Tesla had announced entirely different dimensions for its roof-integrated system of mini modules (»solar roof tiles«). The company aimed to produce 1,000 systems per week by the end of 2019 and to sell the same number by the beginning of 2020. The fact that this was not even close to being achieved at any time was considered obvious – also on the basis of the figures published by Tesla itself on installed capacity – but concrete unit numbers were missing. According to Wood Mackenzie, the weekly average in 2022 was 21 installations, and the highest average for a quarter was reached in the first three months of the same year with 32 systems per week. At the same time, the analysts see significant competition for the Tesla Solar Roof, namely GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar was »better positioned.«

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