Wirsol to install 5 MW rooftop PV system

German Wirsol Aufdach GmbH has begun construction of a large rooftop photovoltaic system on behalf of Pfenning Logistics in Monsheim near Worms at the company's site called »Multicube Rheinhessen«. The first construction phase comprises around 750 kW, and the yield is forecast at 769,500 kWh. 2,320 modules were installed on an area of 3,800 square meters.
In the second construction phase, Wirsol is installing a further 4.4 MW under its »Wirsol Roof Solutions« brand. The company was awarded the contract for this in a tender by the German Federal Network Agency. The systems with a total output of more than 5 MW are to be completed in 2021.
This is already the second PV rooftop project that Wirsol is implementing for Pfennig. In 2013, the company had installed a plant in Heddesheim with an output of 8.1 MW on the »Multicube Rhein-Neckar« site. According to the company at the time it has been »the largest of its kind in Europe.«

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