Winners of France’s next 500 MW solar tender reached average price of €0.061 for large scale projects

The French Minister of Energy, Ecology and Sustainable Development (Ministère de la Transition Écologique et Solidaire), Sébastien Lecornu, announced the winners in the next phase of the 3 GW solar auction which awarded 500 MW. It was tendered in July 2017. Nearly half of the awarded projects will be located on unused land (brownfields, dumps, old quarries). The average price of all projects was €0.0616 ($0.0755) per kWh, down 4 percent compared to the previous period. The average price proposed by the winners for installations between 5 and 17 MW was €0.0553 ($0.0677) per kWh.
The next auction will end in June 2018. In December, the Ministry has increased the volume of solar tenders in the country by 1 GW per year in order to accelerate the development of photovoltaic energy. Therefore the next phase comprises a capacity of 720 MW. The solar auction was launched in 2016, the ministry will award projects with a capacity of 3,000 MW spread over six phases over a period of three years between until 2020. The government targets to increase the installed solar capacity to 10,200 MW at the end of 2018, and to 20,200 MW by 2023.
Furthermore, the Ministry selected 50 solar projects for a volume of 70 MW under the »innovative solar« program (announced by the Ministry in December as well) for using technologies like floating PV, optimized production forecasting software, solar greenhouses, bifacial modules and more. The average price for all projects was €0.0807 ($0.099) per kWh. The ministry had launched this program in 2017 to auction 210 MW in three tranches across three years. The second phase with a capacity of also 70 MW will end in October 2018.

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