»White Label« Wallbox from eSystems

The provider of AC charging systems for electric cars eSystems MTG GmbH is launching its »ghostONE« wallbox, which was already presented at Intersolar Europe in May, as a »white label« product. The 22-kilowatt charging station, which is compatible with »almost all electric and hybrid models,« can be »completely aligned in design with the customer’s brand identity.« Target groups include automotive companies, energy providers and electrical wholesalers.
The box can be integrated into private or semi-public systems – such as underground garages or company parking lots – via numerous interfaces and communication protocols. In the private sector, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and energy management systems are included to create a charging plan for the car. Remote access is possible for charging point operators, and billing is supported via the »Open Charge Point Protocol« (OCPP).
eSystems is part of the Katek Group, which is also manufacturer of Steca brand solar inverters.

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