Weidmüller and ampere.Cloud to establish joint solutions for solar power plants

Weidmüller Interface and ampere.Cloud GmbH will present a coordinated complete solution for the management of large solar power plants at Intersolar 2022. The two companies aim at combining generator junction boxes, monitoring systems and data visualization with an operating system that brings all interfaces together. Weidmüller, a supplier of connection technology that has been active in PV BOS since 2004, is contributing connection boxes and monitoring solutions, while Ampere.Cloud is contributing its »cloud.log« data logger and SCADA software for operations management.
Weidmüller’s »PV communication boxes« are to act as an interface to collect the data from the string monitoring of the PV systems. They are then compressed via Weidmüller’s »u-control« system or the »cloud.log« and transmitted to the SCADA cloud application. In this way, several plants should be able to be automated, monitored and technically operated at the same time. The system thus »brings together key processes such as monitoring, algorithm-based ticketing, planning of maintenance operations, and deployment and yield reporting in a single user-friendly platform,« according to a statement. As a result, more plants can be monitored with the same number of personnel.

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