Voltec and IPVF apply for funding for 5-gigawatt perwoskit/silicon module factory

French module manufacturer Voltec Solar and Institut Photovoltaïque d'Île-de-France (IPVF) have submitted a cell and module production project for the French government’s »France 2030« program. Under the name »France PV Industrie,« the two partners want to establish industrial production of solar modules with perovskite/silicon tandem cells.
According to an IPVF statement, the project partners believe module efficiencies of 30 percent are achievable for their »4T Pérovskite/Silicon« technology, the first modules could be brought to market in 2025, and production capacity could be expanded to five gigawatts annually by 2030.
The IPVF did not provide details of any other industry or research partners. Voltec has so far manufactured modules with crystalline solar cells on a small scale and is currently planning to reach a production capacity of just 500 megawatts next year.

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