Victorian Government will provide half price solar batteries for 10,000 households

The Government of the Australian state Victoria will provide half price solar batteries for 10,000 households that already have installed solar panels. Under the scheme, homeowners can get a 50 percent rebate for installation of a battery storage unit, capped at AUD 4,838 (USD 3,441) in the first year and tapering down to AUD 3,714 by 2026 as the price of batteries comes down. The AUD 40 million program is part of Labor’s massive new »Solar Homes« initiative and is available to Victorians with a household income of up to AUD 180,000 who live in their own home. The program includes AUD 9 million to support accreditation of 4,500 electricians to install solar panels and batteries. The Government will also work with distributors and invest $10 million to transition the grid to support more renewable energy over the next ten years.
A new independent agency called »Solar Victoria« will be established to work with industry, regulators and training organizations to deliver the »Solar Homes« program, which will create almost 5,500 new jobs, expects the Government. The AUD 1.34 billion program also includes half price solar panels for 650,000 households.

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