Verbund and Visiolar plan to install photovoltaic projects with 2 GW in Germany

Hydro power plant »Draukraftwerk Feistritz« in Austria with 1.3 MW photovoltaic plant of Verbund AG

Austrian utility Verbund AG and German Visiolar GmbH plan to jointly launch photovoltaic projects in Germany with a capacity of 2,000 MW. Visiolar reportedly has »extensive real estate for renewable energy projects.« According to the agreement, the companies intend to make some of Visiolar's land of up to 2,000 hectares »usable for the generation of electrical energy from renewable sources, especially photovoltaics.« So far, 13 areas covering about 1,400 hectares have been identified, which Verbund says will make it possible to install solar power plants with a capacity of about 1,400 MW. The projects are to be »developed, constructed and commissioned in stages« in the coming years.
The »Verbund Strategy 2030« envisages significant growth in photovoltaics and wind power. The aim is for around 20 to 25 percent of the energy mix to be generated from photovoltaics and wind power by 2030. With the Visiolar cooperation, Verbund AG says it will become »one of the leading photovoltaic players in the core market of Germany.«
Visiolar is part of the Lindhorst Group from the German state of Lower Saxony, which is active in agriculture and agricultural trade.

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