Vattenfall to install hybrid power plant for renewable energies

The Swedish utility Vattenfall has announced the construction of a hybrid power plant for the generation and storage of renewable energies. The »Haringvliet Zuid Energy Park« is located in the Goeree-Overflakkee region in the province of South Holland, some 50 kilometres southwest of Rotterdam. There, the »Haringvliet« wind farm, the construction of which has been in preparation since November, is to be supplemented by a 38 MW photovoltaic park and a 12 MW battery storage facility. Total investment for the solar plant and the storage facility amounts to €35 million ($39 million), and a further €26 million ($29 million) for the 22 MW wind farm. As soon as the wind turbines have been installed, construction of the solar plant will begin, followed by installation of 12 sea containers with the batteries. The company expects to commission the complete plant in the second half of 2020.
The generation profiles of wind and solar would complement each other well and reduce the load on the power grid compared to a single technology, said Claus Wattendrup, head of the Solar & Batteries business unit at Vattenfall. Hybrid plants caused fewer peaks and »we see fewer times overall without generation«. This leads to a more efficient use of grid infrastructure. The battery also provides grid services such as balancing energy and can »compensate for forecasting inaccuracies in the generation of weather-dependent renewable electricity.«

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