Varta introduces home storage system with ten-centimeter installation depth

With its first high-voltage battery storage system, »Varta.wall,«, German Varta AG »heralds a generation change in our stationary storage systems.« According to the company, the presentation of the device at the EES Europe 2022 trade show in Munich is the prelude to a whole family of »devices and services for energy self-sufficient living« that will be launched in the coming months, including a wallbox and an electricity tariff.
Only a few technical details about the Warta.wall have been published in advance. However, the home storage unit attracts attention simply by virtue of its appearance: it is housed in an aluminum casing with an installation depth of just ten centimeters. This is not aimed solely at visual appealing, but in conjunction with the design of the battery modules and a proprietary plug-in system should enable installation in less than 30 minutes.
The storage unit is available with five to ten kilowatt hours of capacity, and the output ranges from 5.24 to 10.4 kilowatts depending on the inverter used. Compatible here are devices from »various market-leading inverter brands,« including SMA and Kostal. Up to five systems can be operated in parallel. The storage system has emergency power capability, and a special »boost function« is intended to even cover power peaks, such as those that occur when electrical appliances are started. For this purpose, the C-rate, i.e. the ratio between discharge current (in amperes) and capacity (in ampere-hours), is increased from 0.5 to 0.75 for a short time.

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