Valentin will launch PVSOL premium 2020 in January

German Valentin Software GmbH announced the launch of its new global simulation program »PVSOL premium 2020« for planning of photovoltaic systems and design in January. With the new revised versions, system designers and operators can design their PV systems according to the latest knowledge, simulate precise yield calculations under location-specific conditions and thus also carry out precise profitability calculations taking government subsidy measures into account, says Valentin.
The necessary databases such as climate data, PV modules or inverters are included and regularly updated. The online databases contain the system data records, and the data records created by users themselves are stored there. The automatically created user ID can be shared with other people, so that multiple users can access self-created data records. Self-created data records already produced in earlier versions can also be integrated into the new online database.
When inputting the installation of the module array, 3D models can be imported via an interface, for example using photos of drone flights. According to the company, this enables floor plans, cadastral maps and screenshots from web-based satellite maps to be directly imported into the 3D visualization and integrated into a project to scale. When configuring the modules with the automatically determined inverters, it is now possible to define more than one inverter group even on jointly configured module areas.

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