US total module shipments value reached $3.5 billion in 2018

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), part of the US Department of Energy, published its »2018 Annual Solar Photovoltaic Module Shipments Report«. Accordingly, in 2018 the value and of photovoltaic module shipments reached $3.8 billion (compared to $9.7 billion in 2016, the year with the highest shipment volume since the beginning of the statistics in 2006). Module shipments (sold within US and exports) decreased to 7.9 million kilowatts in the last year from more than 10.8 million kilowatts in 2017. Since 2006 (320,000 kilowatts) the module shipments increased within the following 10 years to a peak of 13.4 million kilowatt in 2016.
Regarding the module shipments by state, the largest number of shipments came from California (1.74 million kilowatts) followed by Florida (1.16 million kilowatts). Figures regarding the destination of module export shipments were not published for 2018.
Module average value was $0.45 per peak watt in 2018, which means a drop of more than $3 since 2006 ($3.50 per watt). The 1 dollar threshold has been reached in 2013 with $0.75 (compared to $1.15 in 2012).
PV module import shipments were 7.23 million kilowatts, including 2.7 million kilowatts from Malaysia, 1.28 million kilowatts from Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, and around 582,000 kilowatts from China and Vietnam (all others and unknown: about 2.7 million kilowatts).
According to the agency, this report includes summary data for the photovoltaic industry from annual and monthly respondents. Data include manufacturing, imports, and exports of modules in the United States and its territories. In 2018 fewer companies now report on the (EIA-63B) survey because of company consolidation and changes to strategic planning of companies in the U.S. solar photovoltaic industry. »As a result of fewer survey respondents, the data tables in the 2018 report are less detailed than in past reports to protect the confidentiality of the individual company-level data,« says EIA. As a result of this protection, data can no longer be published for the specific types of PV cells and modules, or by region. Respondents representing the major companies that comprise approximately 90 percent of total shipments (based on prior year’s data) must report on a monthly basis. The remaining relatively small participants must report annually
EIA is publishing its »Solar Photovoltaic Module Shipments Report« report annually at the end of July. The next report will be available at July 31, 2020.

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