US large-scale PV power reached 5 GW, Wiki-Solar

According to Wiki-Solar's report, the newly installed large-scale PV capacity was of 2.8 GW in the US in 2013.

The cumulative installed capacity of PV plants over 4 MW has topped 5 GW in the US, according to a report from solar market research company Wiki-Solar. The newly large-scale PV capacity in 2013 was of 2.8 GW. According to the company, which cites figures from CAISO, California’s transmission grid operator, several PV projects over 100 MW are reaching completion or have been recently completed in California, thus contributing to this year’s growth.
According to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) October Energy Infrastructure Update, 222 utility-scale solar power plants representing 2,631 MW of solar capacity were connected to the grid in the first 11 months of 2013. According to revised figures, the US had 7.11 GW of installed utility-scale solar generating capacity as of the end of November. FERC’s statistics, however, also include PV plants between 1 MW and 4 MW in size and CSP solar plants.

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