US added 4.2 GW of PV power in 2013, Solarbuzz

California was once again the leading state in the US for newly installed PV in 2013, followed by North Carolina, Arizona and New Jersey.

The US added 4.2 GW of new PV capacity in 2013, according to the latest NPD Solarbuzz »North America PV Markets Quarterly« report. Since 2012, the US market has grown 15%, making it the leading solar market outside the Asia-Pacific region.
PV installed in the US during the fourth quarter of 2013 also reached a new record high of approximately 1.4 GW, and the US is now installing more than 1 GW of PV each quarter.
Large-scale projects dominated the US market during 2013, accounting for more than 80% percent of newly deployed PV capacity. The ground-mount segment, which includes most of the utility PV installed, reached almost 3 GW in 2013. The large rooftop market exceeded 500 MW, which is similar to levels seen over the past few years. The smallcale solar segment, comprised of residential and small non-residential rooftop systems, accounted for approximately 700 MW in 2013, an increase of 10% compared to 2012. More than three quarters of small-scale demand came from the residential segment.
California was again the leading state in the US for newly installed PV in 2013, while North Carolina rose several spots to second place due to strong utility-scale activity. Arizona and New Jersey each fell one place to third and fourth, respectively, and Texas jumped four spots to fifth place. New Mexico and New York joined the top 10 US solar markets, pushing Maryland and Colorado off the list. Massachusetts (6), Hawaii (7) and Nevada (9) rounded out the top 10.

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