Unofficial range record for »Sunswift 7«

The solar-powered electric car »Sunswift 7« developed by a team of students at the University of New South Wales in Australia has set an unofficial world record – pending notification of the measurement results – for electric cars to cover 1,000 kilometers on one battery charge. An entry in the Guinness Book of Records has been applied for.
The Sunswift 7, which weighs only around 500 kilograms, completed the distance in exactly eleven hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds, despite a stop due to a problem in the battery management system. This corresponds to an average speed of almost 85 kilometers per hour. According to the regulations, the car may stop for a maximum of 15 minutes during the record drive, and the team needed exactly 14 minutes and 52 seconds for the repair.
Energy consumption during the record drive was 3.8 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is about 20 percent of that of an average electric car.

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