University of Queensland starts construction of 64 MW solar farm

Australian University of Queensland (UQ) announced that the construction of the AUD 125 million (USD 89) »Warwick Solar Farm« is under way, bringing an injection of economic activity to the town and the Darling Downs region. The project was officially launched in mid-April by Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) Mayor Tracy Dobie and University of Queensland Vice-Chancellor and President Peter Høj. »The event marked a significant milestone for UQ, which will become the world’s first major university to offset 100 percent of its electricity use from its own renewable energy asset,« say Høj.
The »Warwick Solar Farm« is scheduled to be completed late this year, and will employ about half a dozen staff – including a UQ facility manager – on an on-going basis. A memorandum of understanding includes plans for electric car charging stations by the end of the year and a visitor information centre offering guided tours of the project. Solar output is expected to be around 160,000 MWh each year, starting by early 2020.

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