Univergy will install two photovoltaic projects with a capacity of 400 MW in Spain

Univergy’s 32 MW plant »Fukuroda« in Japan

The Hispanic-Japanese project developer Univergy International targets to build two photovoltaic plants in Spain with a total capacity of 400 MW, to start supplying energy to the grid in 2020. The projects are located in the province of Palencia in Castillia y León, in the communities Grijota and Herrera de Pisuerga. According to the company, it already has the energy concession permits and is now contacting the landowners to propose a 25-year rental agreement. The installation of these two plants will require the work of up to a hundred people during the construction phase and, once the infrastructure has been completed, it will require five maintenance managers who will be responsible for solving any incidents that may arise.
Furthermore, Univergy has planned a series of facilities for the so-called solar pumping, which can save diesel on farms that use this type of fuel for irrigation and soon begin to install in the province. Currently, the group has business activity in Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Spain, Korea, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, France and Egypt, countries where it develops a project portfolio of more than 2,6 GW in total.

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