Ubiquity Solar to expand its manufacturing site in the state of New York

Canadian Ubiquity Solar Inc. aims to expand its US production site in Endicott, New York, USA. In the project's first phase, it is expected that the increase in capacity gained from the former-IBM site will enable Ubiquity Solar to produce annually 1.5 MW of advanced space grade PV cells for aerospace customers and 350 MW of utility grade PV cells for the power generation market in 2022. Currently in the USA, the average size of a new PV system on a single-family residence is 7 kW, meaning the initial production line of 350 MW could power 50,000 average sized homes, says the company.
Investment is about $61 Million to repurpose 800,000 square-feet of vacant space and create up to 150 new jobs. The company expects to be fully operational at the Endicott campus by the end of 2022.
Ubiquity Solar is a North American-based company focused on the photovoltaic and related materials markets. Operating in the solar industry since 1996, Ubiquity serves customers in the aerospace, power generation, and related materials application industries, focuses on the production of ultra-low carbon, Made-in-America, high efficiency PV products.
The New York State's Empire State Development agency will assist the project with up to $3 million through the Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit Program, to be granted based on actual job creation. This investment will add to the revitalization already happening at the former IBM campus, which is now home to new and innovative companies.

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