Two new solar power plants on opencast mining sites in eastern Germany

The renewable energy project developer EP New Energies GmbH, which cooperates with the two eastern German energy companies LEAG (Lausitz Energie Bergbau/Kraftwerke AG) and MIBRAG (Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft) and, like these, belongs to Czech energy group EPH, has commissioned the »Peres II« solar power plant (photo) together with MIBRAG. The plant, which has a capacity of 37 megawatts (MW) and is located on a 55-hectare site south of Leipzig, is intended to provide MIBRAG for its own energy consumption and at the same time »form a basis for the production of green hydrogen« planned for the medium term. The investment sum was €25 million ($26.3 million), or around €680 ($716) per kilowatt of installed capacity.
EP New Energies and MIBRAG say they have identified potential for joint projects with a total capacity of around one gigawatt and have already »brought around 250 MW into development.«
A week before »Peres II«, EP New Energies and LEAG had completed the 17 MW »Solarpark Böhlen« project near the Lippendorf lignite-fired power plant (also south of Leipzig). The plant is part of the »LEAG-GigawattFactory« project: The company wants to implement up to 4.5 GW of generation capacity from renewable energies in the region by 2040 and use it for hydrogen production, among other things.

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