TÜV Süd sees good chances for series production of CMBlu's »Organic-SolidFlow-Batteries«

Testing company TÜV Süd AG has been commissioned by Alzenau, Germany-based CMBlu Energy AG to assess the technical feasibility (Technichal Due Diligence, TDD) of series production of the company’s storage systems based on organic materials. According to TÜV Süd, CMBlu intends to »massively expand« production capacities for its »Organic-SolidFlow-Batteries« in Europe and, above all, in the USA in the coming years; the TDD was therefore to »provide an assessment of the technical feasibility, the patent situation, the business plan and the planned production expansion.«
The report, prepared in accordance with international standard ISO 16290, attests to a high level of technical feasibility (technical readiness level). The overall system reaches level seven on the nine-part ISO scale, level eight even applies to electrochemistry. The report concludes »that CMBlu is capable of scaling manufacturing processes appropriately and ensuring a continuous supply of needed materials.« The general assessment of the technology is positive, partly because it uses non-flammable and non-toxic materials as storage media, which are also »comparatively inexpensive to obtain from sustainable feedstocks.«

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