Turkmenistan could join Algeria and Japan's Sahara Solar Breeder project

A delegation of six researchers from the Turkmenistan have met with the coordinator of the Sahara Solar Breeder (SSB) project to discuss the possible participation of Turkmen scientific institutions in the solar manufacturing research project. Local news portal Portail Algérienne des Energies Renouvelables reports that the SSB project, being developed by the Algerian institute Centre de Développement des Energies (CDER) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), aims to use sand found in the world’s desert to produce the silicon used in the manufacturing of PV modules.
The project is still in the preliminary phase: JICA and CDER are currently developing a feasibility study that should be completed in 2015. Launched in 2010 in the frame of a cooperation agreement between Algeria and Japan, the project involves three Algerian universities and a consortium of eight Japanese universities.

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