TubeSolar and ZSW report »important milestone« for series production of perovskite tubular modules

Munich, Germany-based TubeSolar AG and the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) have achieved 14 percent efficiency in coating films with perovskite solar cells using a »roll-to-roll« process. According to a press release, this is a record for this process and represents »an important milestone on the way to industrial production«.
All layers except for the front and rear contacts were deposited using slot die, and the process speed »was over one meter per minute.« The partners’ goal is »to transfer the high efficiencies currently achieved in research on small areas to larger solar films and thus to commercialize slot die deposition as an industrially suitable coating method for flexible perovskite solar cells«. The technology may be further improved significantly by »optimizing the solar cell layer stack and absorber, as well as the conductivity of the electrodes«.
TubeSolar plans to use the perovskite solar films for its tubular modules, which are solar modules made of multiple tubes arranged in parallel with thin-film solar cells. The design, originally developed based on CIGS thin film, is particularly suitable for agri-photovoltaics or other applications where module transmittance of light and rainwater and absorption of solar radiation from different directions is advantageous. »Ideally,« the release said, the perovskite technology should be used as early as next year during TubeSolar’s upscaling of manufacturing.

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