TU Vienna announces »new invention« oxygen-ion battery

Together with cooperation partners from Spain, a team from the Vienna, Austria University of Technology (Technische Universität Wien ) has developed an oxygen-ion battery and filed a patent application. According to a release, the basic principle is similar to lithium-ion batteries, but only ceramic materials are used.
The concept is not suitable for mobile devices or electric cars because the energy density is only about one-third that of lithium-ion batteries and high temperatures of 200 to 400 degrees Celsius are generated. However, it is »extremely interesting« for stationary applications, such as solar power storage: the materials used are not flammable, and the durability is very high because the battery can be regenerated by supplying oxygen from the outside air when capacity decreases. In addition, no rare materials – including nickel or cobalt – are needed. The current prototype does, however, contain lanthanum, which is comparatively expensive to extract, but this is »to be replaced by something cheaper.«

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