Trina Solar launches 405W+ Vertex S module series

The Vertex module of Trina Solar

Trina Solar Ltd announced the launch of »Vertex S« high-efficiency PV module series for residential and commercial rooftop applications. The new series increase the output power of distributed energy products beyond 405 W.
Trina expects an »urgent need« for photovoltaic module products that are able to support the trend of increasing numbers of distributed photovoltaic systems. According to the company, the Vertex technology platform combines 210 mm wafers, multi-busbar design, non-destructive cutting and high density packing. By introducing this platform to the new Vertex S family, Trina Solar is able to boost Vertex S's output power to more than 405 W, a power increase of up to 60 W or 17 percent compared with previous product generations. Module efficiency has also increased by 1 percent to more than 21 percent. The product has a dimension of 1,754 mm x 1,096 mm and weighs at 21 kg.

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