Trina Solar achieves efficiency of 20.16 percent for industrially-produced multi-crystalline silicon PERC cells

Chinese Trina Solar Limited has achieved an average efficiency of 20.16 percent for its industrially-produced P-type multi-crystalline silicon cells (156 x 156 mm2) with passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology, and an average efficiency of 18.7 percent for its multi-crystalline silicon P-type double print (DP) cells (156 x 156 mm2) that were mass produced for commercial shipment. The results are following the company's recent efficiency breakthrough in mono-crystalline silicon PERC cell production. Both the multi-crystalline PERC cells and DP cells are fabricated on a new generation of high-performance p-type Trina-1 wafers (T1 wafers).

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