TrendForce expects global PV market to decline in 2018

Taiwanese consulting and market research company Corp. expects newly installed solar power capacity of 92 to 95 GW worldwide in 2018, a decline of 5 to 8 percent compared to 2017. A global market volume of 100 GW can only be expected to be reached again in 2019 with the opening up of further new markets.
According to the analysts, this is the result of changes in China's subsidy policy. Although the country will remain the world's largest solar market, new installations there will fall to 29 to 35 GW compared with around 52 GW last year.
As a result of the expected market slump in China, TrendForce expects considerable overcapacities and corresponding price declines. Moreover, module manufacturers would increasingly look for sales opportunities in other countries. This would also weaken the effect of the punitive tariffs imposed by the USA on imported solar products. In 2019, import modules will be able to undercut prices on the US market even with punitive tariffs.

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