Toshiba announced efficiency of 15.1 percent for its polymer film-based perovskite large-area PV module

Japanese engineering and electronics conglomerate Toshiba Corp. has developed a new coating method for the perovskite layer that boosts power conversion efficiency (PCE) to 15.1 percent for its 703 cm2 module; according to the company »the highest for any large, polymer film-based perovskite photovoltaic module.« The module »is an attractive next-generation alternative, as it is thin, light and flexible, and can be installed in locations where it is difficult to use silicon photovoltaic modules, such as low load-bearing roofs and office windows,« says the company.
Toshiba estimates that the new perovskite photovoltaic modules would generate power equivalent to two-thirds of the annual power consumption by homes in Tokyo if installed on a roof area of 164.9 square kilometers, roughly equal to the roof surface area of all buildings in Tokyo. The company is aiming to increase the PCE »to 20 percent or more, and to enlarge the active area to 900 cm2«. It is estimated that achieving these targets will cut the manufacturing cost of perovskite photovoltaic modules to approximately $0.14 per watt.

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