Thailand targets to install 2.7GW of FPV, media

Thailand plans to build the world’s largest floating PV (FPV) farms. According to local newspaper »Bangkok Post«, state-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) will float 16 solar farms with a combined capacity of more than 2.7 GW in nine of its hydroelectric dam reservoirs by 2037. If EGAT builds all its proposed projects, floating solar will account for one-tenth of the country’s clean energy sources, says the article. In the future, the company will also use lithium-ion batteries to store electricity produced by the floating plants.
Eight of EGAT’s 16 planned floating plants would be larger than what is now the world’s biggest, a 150 MW system floating above a collapsed coal mine in China. Thailand’s biggest will be the 325 MW farm at Sirikit Dam in northern Thailand, scheduled to be completed in 2035.
In January, Thai SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. announced its collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand and the landscape architecture firm Shma to showcase the »Innovative Floating Park«, Thailand’s first-ever prototype of a floating solar farm with an integrated garden. According to the company, »combining SCG’s floating solar farm with a floating garden, the innovation is set to become an urban solution that will serve as another source of alternative energy, create more green spaces, and help restore the ecosystem of the river.« The floating park has been exhibited at Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River.

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