Thai solar companies face political instability

Thai solar companies are currently being forced to delay most of their projects due to the uncertain political situation caused by the massive protests against the sitting government and the possibility of imminent elections, according to local newspaper the Nation. The article, which cites a statement from Dusit Krue-ngarm, president of the Thai Photovoltaic Industries Association, reports that developers that submitted project proposals under the country’s Solar PV Rooftop program are currently unable to obtain approval for their projects due to the government paralysis. According to Krue-ngarm, the residential segment has been especially hard hit -- the segment will not reach the target set by the government if the situation does not change soon, said Krue-ngarm.
Thailand’s Solar PV Rooftop program has a cap of 200 MW, 100 MW for residential PV systems and 100 MW for commercial installations. The country currently grants FITs to rooftop PV systems for 25 years. FITs range from 6.96 THB to 6.16 THB (22¢ to 19¢) per kWh.

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