Terminal blocks with push-in terminal from Conta-Clip

Conta-Clip Verbindungstechnik GmbH from Hövelhof, Germany, is expanding its range of PRK and PSL series terminal blocks for series and protective conductors with an innovation that is also of interest for the installation of photovoltaic systems. With the now introduced variants PRK 10/2A, /3A and /4A as well as PSL 10/2A, /3A and /4A, the connection technology specialist makes available a new cross-section range up to 10 mm² for push-in contacting with up to four connections.
The push-in connection permits the safe, tool-free insertion of rigid cores or cores with end sleeves. To decontact, a press of the integrated pusher is sufficient. The new terminals, designed for a rated voltage of 1,000 volts at a rated current of up to 57 amps, are ideal for setting up string distributors in PV systems. The PRK push-in series is currently available for conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 10 mm² and in versions as feed-through, protective earth, disconnect, fuse multi-level, installation and initiator terminal blocks. All insulating materials used are free of harmful substances and meet the fire classification V-0 »self-extinguishing« according to UL 94.

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