Tender round in Germany ends with slightly higher prices

On Friday, the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) announced the results of the latest tender for PV systems above 750 kW with a deadline of October 1. The tendered capacity of 182 MW was more than three times oversubscribed with 76 bids for a total of 551 MW. 37 bids with a total of 192 MW were awarded.
The surcharges ranged between 3.86 and 5.15 Eurocents (¢4.44 to 5.93) per kWh. In the preliminary round the range was 3.89 to 5.96 Eurocents (¢4.48 to 6.86). The average, quantity-weighted price of 4.69 Eurocents (¢5.40) was slightly higher than the 4.59 Eurocents (¢5.28) of the preliminary round.
A tender for onshore wind power with the same deadline ended with 62 bids for 400 MW; the 670 MW tender was thus clearly under-subscribed. The surcharges ranged from 5.00 to 6.30 Eurocents (¢5.76 to 7.25), the average being 6.26 Eurocents (¢7.21).

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