Tata Power is leading rooftop installer in India

Within the past two years, cumulative rooftop solar installations in India have reached around 850 MW (as of March 2017), according Mercom Capital Group’s Q1 2017 India Solar Market Update. Currently most of the rooftop installations are in the commercial, industrial and government segments, says Mercom. A total of 162 MW of rooftop solar was tendered and 47.5 MW auctioned in Q1 2017.
Tata Power has 14 percent of the market share and installed over 100 MW. The company »is by far the largest rooftop installer«, says Mercom. Cleanmax, Vikram Solar, and Harsha Abacus were other leading rooftop installers in the solar sector, last one of the top 5 is Relyon solar. According to the consultancy, only 10 MW separates the 6th largest developer and the 20th and a few big commercial projects can make a difference in where the companies are positioned.
The top 5 companies accounted for 39 percent of rooftop market share and the top 20 companies accounted for almost 80 percent of all rooftop installations as of Q1 2017.

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