TANGEDCO received bids aggregating 3.7 GW in response to a 1.5 GW solar tender

The Indian Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has received technical bids aggregating 3,700 MW in response to a 1,500 MW solar tender issued in May 2017. According to the consultancy Mercom Capital Group, the price bids are expected to open on June 30. »The maximum allowable project capacity of 500 MW for a single bidder and the recent record low prices at Bhadla have changed the dynamics of the sector,« according to a TENGEDCO official cited by Mercom. The consultancy previously reported that TANGEDCO set the upper tariff limit at INR 4 ($0.062) per kWh for this tender and had fixed the maximum capacity for a single bidder at 500 MW.

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