Taiwan to support rooftop solar power production plan

The Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has announced it will support households to install rooftop solar systems. Local governments would work with private-sector firms as operators, which would organize households in designated areas and build solar panels for them. According to local newspaper »Taipei Times« the ministry has designated three sizes of solar capacity to be installed: 10 MW to 50 MW for several administrative districts in a single city or county, 1 MW to 10 MW for a single administrative district in a city or a county, and 0.5 MW to 1 MW for a township. The minimum paid-in capital for operators interested in the power generation projects would be TWD 300 million (USD 10.24 million), TWD 30 million (USD 1.02 million) and TWD 10 million (USD 341,277), respectively, says the article.
Utility Taiwan Power Co would buy electricity from the operator at TWD 6.4137 per kWh. After the purchase, the operator would pay 10 percent of the payment to the participating households and 30 percent to the local government to be exclusively used for »green« energy development. According to the newspaper, the solar power generation project is to run through August next year.

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