Switzerland supports 2021 PV with CHF 470 million

In 2021, Switzerland will provide a total of CHF 470 million ($512 million) to promote the construction of photovoltaic plants. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), this would enable »the waiting list for one-off payments for photovoltaic systems to be completely eliminated« for the first time since 2008. Plant operators who had submitted their application by the end of March 2020 will receive confirmation for the payment for small photovoltaic plants (KLEIV) by the end of the year; the total amount paid out will be CHF 130 million. In 2021, CHF 270 million are available for KLEIV.
Since February 2020, the waiting list for the one-off payment for large photovoltaic systems (GREIV) has been reduced. The 2020 funding volume for the GREIV is around CHF 257 million, and this year around 2,400 systems with a capacity of 713 MW will receive a funding commitment. For 2021, around CHF 200 million are available for GREIV.
In 2020, 147 photovoltaic systems with a capacity of more than 100 kW (cumulative 41 MW) were included in the feed-in tariff system (KEV). These are installations that were registered by June 30, 2012. Since that date, no new installations have been included in this supporting system.
In 2020, around 22,400 new systems for electricity production from renewable energies were subsidized. This means that a total of more than 85,000 subsidized systems are now in operation, producing almost nine percent of Switzerland's electricity consumption.
Since January 2018, Swiss consumers have to pay a grid surcharge of CHF 0.023 per kilowatt hour to fund electricity production from renewable energies, electricity efficiency measures and water pollution control measures.

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