Switzerland ranks lowest in Europe in solar and wind power production

Switzerland is still among the worst countries in Europe in terms of solar and wind power production. »While the expansion of photovoltaics is progressing timidly, wind power production is stagnating at a low level,« said the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) in its recent study. The SES has examined the expansion of solar and wind energy per capita in Switzerland compared to the 28 states of the European Union. The analysis shows that Switzerland is far behind in 25th place. The 2019 evaluation showed that 250 kilowatt hours of electricity (2018: 190 kWh) per inhabitant are generated from renewable energy sources.
Denmark once again leads the renewable energy ranking. The country produces over 2,500 kWh of cumulative photovoltaic and wind power per capita (165 kWh of which are solar power) - around 10 times more than Switzerland (250 kWh in total, 236 kWh of which are solar power). While these energy sources cover almost half of Denmark's electricity demand, wind and solar power in Switzerland only reach 3.7 percent. Germany ranks second with 1,905 kWh (of which 558 kWh are solar power). Behind Switzerland are Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia as well as Latvia in 29th place (78 kWh in total, of which one kWh is solar power).
As reported, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy had determined that 67 terawatt hours of electricity could be generated annually on house roofs and facades in Switzerland, which significantly exceeds the national electricity consumption of around 60 terawatt hours. »The existing potential contrasts with Switzerland's cover policy, which affects photovoltaics in particular,« says the SES. Projects remain blocked by the rigorous waiting list policy. »The expansion of renewables is urgently needed in order to replace the nuclear power that is being phased out and the fossil fuels that are to be substituted.«

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