Switzerland creates state-recognized apprenticeships for solar installers

In Switzerland, there will probably be two state-recognized vocational training paths for solar craftsmen and craftswomen as of January 2024 through a »Federal Vocational Certificate« (EBA): the two-year training »Solar technician« and the three-year training »Solar installer«. The training plans were developed by the solar industry association Swissolar, the Polybau training center and industry representatives. From May to September 2022, »solar specialists with different backgrounds determined what apprenticeship trainees must be able to do in the area of solar installation and solar assembly« in several working groups.
Rita Hidalgo, Head of Education and Knowledge Management at Swissolar, welcomes the preliminary approval by the responsible State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation as an important step »to meet the need for skilled workers in the rapidly growing Swiss solar industry and to further professionalize the sector.« According to Swissolar, the Swiss solar industry currently comprises around 10,000 full-time jobs, and this number is »expected to double« by 2050.

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