Swissolar criticizes legal disadvantages for PV in planned energy law

The Swiss Association for Solar Energy (Swissolar) demands corrections in the planned amendment of the country’s Energy Law. In the summer of 2021, the Swiss Federal Council passed a draft legislation to the »Federal Act on a Secure Power Supply with Renewable Energies«. This is intended to amend the existing Energy and Electricity Supply Act. One of the new regulations requires the feed-in tariff for PV to be based on the market price at the time the electricity is fed into the grid, instead of being based on a fixed tariff as before.
Swissolar criticizes that this will delay the expansion of photovoltaics. Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG (EZS) has compared the current status of the law with its own calculations on the effects for systems in the single-family and multi-family home segments, which reportedly account for 40 percent of the country’s installed solar capacity. »The volatile market price brings an uncertainty into the system that is likely to deter many project planners from investing,« said Stefan Liechti, one of the study authors. The current high market prices should »not hide the fact that they will not stay this way forever.« Investors need a certain degree of security and therefore a minimum level of off-take payments, says David Stickelberger, managing director of Swissolar.
PV systems »which were just about profitable under the current legislation now show a negative return and are more likely not to be implemented,« concludes the 25-page study, which was commissioned by Swissolar and the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) in November and has now been published. Swissolar and SES are calling on parliament to correct this during its deliberations.

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