Swiss utilities supply only 1.85 percent solar power in the standard tariff

Switzerland's photovoltaic systems currently cover around five percent of the Alpine republic's annual electricity requirements. »But the important standard electricity products of Swiss energy suppliers contain on average just 1.85 percent solar power,« says the Swiss Association for Solar Energy (Swissolar).
The basis for this finding is an evaluation of the tariffs of 211 of the more than 600 suppliers in Switzerland by the electricity comparison portal MyNewEnergy. Accordingly 117 enterprises show no solar portion at all in the standard. Among the 94 suppliers with solar power in the standard product, its share is around four percent. The front-runner is Energie Opfikon with 25 percent. The major suppliers with a high solar share include AEW Energie AG with 15 percent, Groupe E with 6.1 percent and EWB with eight percent. For comparison: The utiliy of Liechtenstein LKW supplies its customers with 17 percent solar power.
At the end of 2020, solar power accounted for 4.7 percent of Switzerland's annual electricity consumption. Currently, in view of the addition of new plants, the five percent mark has probably been exceeded, Swissolar estimates. »Energy suppliers should sell their buyers of standard products at least as much solar power as is in the grid anyway,« says David Stickelberger, managing director of Swissolar. The value of five percent should be »at least increased by the respective amount of new installations« each year. This would allow utilities to encourage the construction of new plants. Currently, »many operators are sitting on their clean electricity, because most customers are not even thinking about switching to green electricity products.« The majority of Swiss customers do not choose a specific product from their electricity supplier, but receive the standard tariff, he said. »So its production method is important to the Swiss energy mix.«

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