Swiss electricity consumption from renewables at 80 percent in 2022 thanks to imports

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has published energy statistics for last year. According to the statistics, around 79 percent of the electricity supplied to consumers came from renewable sources (2021: 80 percent), of which 65 percent came from (unsubsidized) hydropower and 14 percent from photovoltaics, wind, small hydropower and biomass, an increase of two percentage points compared with 2021. Just under 20 percent came from nuclear power and just under two percent from fossil fuels.
The production mix differs quite significantly from this. Overall, the country had a slight import surplus in 2022. Nearly 53 percent of domestic generation was based on hydropower and 9.4 percent on other renewables, just over 36 percent on nuclear and 1.4 percent on fossil. The high share of renewables in consumption was thus achieved to a large extent by imports; in production, it was significantly lower at 62.4 percent.

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