Swedish solar roof provider SunRoof wants to boost expansion in Europe and US

The Swedish solar roof provider Sunroof International Holding AB has received a further € 13.5 million from various investors following a financing round completed in September. This brings the total amount of the financing round to €28.5 million ($30.8 million). The new investors include climate tech venture capitalist World Fund, Nordic Alpha and L&G Capital. The money is to be used for further expansion in Europe and the USA.
SunRoof is relying on its self-developed solar roof elements, which are said to be easy to install. In particular, it »doesn’t need specialized solar installers,« says CEO Lech Kaniuk: »The process is similar to installing a regular roof, which is why we can retrain roofers faster.«
The start-up has already been offering its roof- and façade-integrated solar systems in Germany since the end of 2020, which is now set to become the fastest-growing market for SunRoof this year.

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