Survey reveals broad support for solar subsidies in Switzerland

A survey conducted by GFS-Zurich on behalf of the Swiss Energy Foundation (SES) found broad support among the Swiss population for measures to promote solar installations. Of more than 1,000 people surveyed, 93 percent were in favor of subsidizing solar installations on private properties »in such a way that there is a guarantee for the owners that it will not be a loss-making business«. 68 percent answered »yes« to this question, 25 percent »rather yes«. A »solar standard« for existing buildings, i.e., an obligation to install solar systems when roofs are renovated, was supported by 75 percent (23 percent »Yes,« 52 percent »rather yes«).
When asked whether they would be willing to pay more than the current average of 40 Swiss francs ($40.45) per household per year as a »grid surcharge« to accelerate the expansion of domestic renewable energy, 30 percent answered »Yes« and 49 percent »rather yes.« SES sees these results as evidence »that the Swiss population does not agree with the current rate at which solar energy is being expanded.« When it comes to the expansion of solar energy, »the population welcomes measures that go further than the current legal regulations,« said Léonore Hälg, Co-Head of Climate and Renewable Energy at SES. With regard to the current parliamentary debate on the revision of the country’s Energy Act and the Electricity Supply Act, this is a result that politicians should take into account, she said.

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