Sumitomo installs energy storage system based on old EV batteries at Japaneses solar park

Japanese business group Sumitomo Corp. has developed and installed the world’s first large-scale power storage system based on used batteries from electric vehicles (EVs). The commercial-scale energy storage system, built on Yume-shima Island, Osaka, Japan will begin operating this month. The prototype 600 kW/400kWh system consists of 16 used EV lithium-ion batteries provided by Nissan Motor Co.
Over the next 3 years, the system will measure the smoothing effect of energy output fluctuation from the nearby 10 MW Hikari-no-mori solar farm. Sumitomo aims to actively promote the new technology as well as work on new applications for used EV batteries. Sumitomo and Nissan created a joint venture company, 4R Energy Corp., in September 2013 to address the secondary use of EV batteries. Sumitomo notes that the Osaka project was selected as a model project for »Verification of the battery storage control to promote renewable energy« for fiscal year 2013 by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

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