Study sees high willingness to share solar power in emergency situations

A research team from various departments at German Technical University Darmstadt's LOEWE center emergenCITY has conducted a study to determine whether operators of private photovoltaic systems would be willing to act cooperatively during a prolonged power outage and share the electricity still available to them in such a situation.
Eighty households in Germany were surveyed on their willingness to share toward various recipient groups. »Empathy and altruistic values,« according to the results, are important motives for sharing solar power, especially when relatives and friends or critical infrastructure benefit. »Structural incentives,« such as in the form of special compensation, on the other hand, »even proved to be a hindrance in some cases, depending on the social value orientation of the givers.«
The results were published in a research article (A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed? Analysis of the Willingness to Share Self-Produced Electricity During a Long-lasting Power Outage) in the Schmalenbach Journal of Business Research (see link below).

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