STI Norland to deliver 180 MW trackers to four PV plants in Spain

Spanish STI Norland S.L., manufacturer of PV trackers and fixed-tilt structures, will supply 180 MW of dual-row trackers STI-H250 to four photovoltaic plants in the Spanish region of Castile-Leon, namely in the provinces of Palencia and Zamora. With this contract, there are now 30 photovoltaic plants in Spain equipped with STI Norland’s dual-row trackers, says the company. According to Ignacio Irureta, STI Norland project manager, the company's dual-row trackers »are designed to adapt to uneven terrains and ground contours, optimizing the use of available land and increasing power generation.«
A technical feature of this solar trackers employ a tracking logic »which enhances performance on cloudy days.« The trackers are also equipped with large photovoltaic panels which enable in-series connection of 38 modules. STI Norland designed a solution to inter-connect solar modules from different trackers or different rows of the same tracker.

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